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FREE Comeback Kid's CD "Wake the Dead"! 
06:05pm 25/05/2006
  Right now on peta2, we're giving away FREE Comeback Kid's CD "Wake the Dead", as well as a

Victory Records sampler!!

Check out the contest at http://www.peta2.com/OUTTHERE/o-comebackkid.asp?c=p2ckst
not a love song. :P 
11:29am 26/07/2005
mood: creative
'tis a beautiful song, the one I'm listening to...anyway, lyrics!

i'm wearing your clothes again
i'm ignoring my friends again
i'm letting you back in again
i'm learning to breathe again

i need, want, kiss, desire you
i miss, love, found, require you
it's not a love song, baby
but it's true
it's not a love song. baby
till i sing it to you

i'm losing my morbid thoughts now
i'm forgettingwhat else i got now
i need to be alive now
i gotta chance to try now


need suggestions for the ending. x.x
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09:57am 28/06/2005
  Pass this Taproot Ecard to anyone you know. It includes footage, photos, and lots more! Pass this link to nay fans you know, and tell them to do the same thing in IM, email, messageboards, whatever.

when she smiled 
06:43pm 18/05/2005
mood: calm
okay, so it's only the chorus, and it sucks, but i might finish it later. so, enjoy.

She always told you she was fine,
She didn't say she was in line,
You'll never see her face again,
And now the tearful fate begins.
She always told you she was fine,
There was no cause for suicide,
You were thinkin' all the while,
She was absoloutely beautiful,
When she smiled.
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New community -sniffs the journal- 
05:47pm 18/03/2005
mood: cheerful
This is kind of an experiment of mine. Just wondering what the outcome of creating a LJ community would be. If you're reading this and you like/love music, please join?
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