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when she smiled

okay, so it's only the chorus, and it sucks, but i might finish it later. so, enjoy.

She always told you she was fine,
She didn't say she was in line,
You'll never see her face again,
And now the tearful fate begins.
She always told you she was fine,
There was no cause for suicide,
You were thinkin' all the while,
She was absoloutely beautiful,
When she smiled.
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Ohhhh...I like it. Lots and lots -steals- :D J/k
If you like it, help me write the rest of it. XD < 3
O_X I have minimun lyrical abilities. And all of my lyrics that I have salvaged are locked within the depths of my mind. Ummm...I could write you a suicide story. I'm pretty good at those :)